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The Conjola Recovery Support Centre was established after the fires of Dec 2019/Jan 2020 impacted the Conjola area. Emergency relief supplies, some of which came in over the beach, were collected and distributed by a small group of volunteers who worked till they almost dropped.

Residents in Conjola Park, Lake Conjola and nearby settlements were completely cut off from outside help and realised they needed to organise themselves in order to survive and begin moving froward. Community volunteers appeared with an array of skills and the recovery process began. The Conjola Recovery Team was formed to organise the recovery effort.

The Recovery Team is committed to remaining in place until they are no longer needed by the Conjola community. 

To better inform all community members, a Facebook Group,newsletter and website were produced to provide information vital to the recovery and rebuilding of the Conjola community and surrounding areas.

The Conjola Recovery effort is an opportunity to not only rebuild and heal the community, but also to look with fresh eyes towards the future.

How best do we move forward in this place?

It's a chance to discover new ways to live.

Let’s not rebuild as things were, but rebuild better, more resilient, more inclusive, more community-mindedness with more consideration of our relationship with the environment.

Given the generosity of many people and the donations received so far for the Conjola and surrounds community we have registered with NSW Fair Trading and opened a Bendigo Bank account for donations that donors want specifically directed to Conjola.

This is to create transparency.

This website aims to connect people and services with all relevant information available to assist with recovery. There has been ab overwhelming amount of people offering to support and donate.

Please continue to watch our Facebook Group information for progress on our effort.

We sincerely appreciate your continuing support for this recovery process.

Our aim is to serve all residents and businesses of Conjola and surrounds.

Donate Now

We clearly understand that the journey to full recovery will take some time, possibly 1- 3 years. In that time, needs of the community will change as we move forward to full reconstruction.

Donations can be made over the counter at any Bendigo Bank Branch or using your banking app to send donation.

Our details are:

Name: Conjola Recovery Fund
BSB: 633000
ACC: 171773427
Please leave your first initial and surname as a reference eg. jsmith.

Thank you so much for your donation.

Donate to Conjola

Donations to the Conjola Recovery Fund can be made online or in person at any Bendigo Bank. 

Rebuilding Conjola

Let's not rebuild things as they were, but rebuild better, more resilient, more inclusive communities.


The Conjola Community Support Team has established a ‘Conjola Recovery Fund’ to facilitate the reconstruction of our community and meeting the needs of individuals in the community.

Conjola Community Hall

Lot 7025 Lake Conjola Entrance Rd,
Conjola NSW 2539
Open 6 days 10am - 2pm
Closed Wednesdays

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