Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the CCRA established?

Early in the recovery effort volunteers at the Community Centre were being handed large numbers of gift vouchers and some cash from people wishing to help residents of the Conjola area. These donations needed to be properly accounted for and disbursed in accordance with donors’ wishes. Professional advice was obtained and it was recommended that the best way to manage these donations was to establish a charitable fund (Conjola Recovery Fund – CRF) under NSW Fair Trading regulations. For this fund to be operated effectively it needed to be held within an incorporated association and therefore the Conjola Community Recovery Association (CCRA) was created.

Is there a difference between the Conjola Community Recovery Association (CCRA) and the Conjola Community Association (CCA)?

Yes. The CCA is the formal community, consultative organisation, that is legally established to represent community views to the Shoalhaven City Council. The CCA temporarily stepped back to allow the recovery team to organise the recovery after the NYE19 bushfires. The two Associations are working together for the Conjola community.

Does the CCRA perform other functions in addition to managing the CRF?

Yes. Once the CCRA was established it provided a structure for the volunteers in the recovery team to organise themselves and coordinate their efforts to support the Conjola community. Further, the establishment of the CCRA allowed the volunteers at the Community Centre to apply for grants offered to registered associations on behalf of the Conjola community. Establishing an incorporated association also enabled us to obtain various forms of insurance (e.g. for spontaneous volunteers working outside the Community Centre as the SCC insurance did not cover these people). You can read about the activities of the recovery volunteers in our news section or on our Facebook Group.

How do I join the CCRA?

By becoming a volunteer in the recovery effort. Speak to a member of the volunteer team or email the Secretary CCRA: and discuss the areas that you would like to offer you help.

How was the CCRA Committee formed?

By an election held by the volunteers that had been working at the Community Centre.

Did the community get to vote in election of the CCRA committee?

No, unless they were volunteers in the Conjola recovery effort being run from the Community Centre.

Is the CCRA Inc. going to remain permanently?

No. The volunteers who comprise the membership of the CCRA are all prepared to give their time willingly until the need for recovery effort reduces. We anticipated that this effort will be needed for 6-12 months post the NYE19 disaster. The first five months were focused on immediate needs of residents, now as blocks are cleared and people start to focus on their rebuild, we too are moving into a rebuilding phase. This will focus on community workshops and infrastructure plans.

Who voted that the donated money was to be used towards infrastructure not be given directly to the fire victims?

No-one voted. The purpose of the donations has usually been specified by the donors. If a specific purpose has not been stated by a donor then it is assumed that the donations are to be distributed evenly among bushfire affected residents in the Conjola area.

How to Donate

Donations to the Conjola Recovery Fund can be made online or in person at any Bendigo Bank. For secure transaction we are using Paypal or Direct Deposit.


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